You can make a difference to a child’s life- here are some ways you can help!

Host a Child

Open your home to a child for 4 weeks, all you need is a spare bed, or a spare room. Children are able to share a room with other children of the same sex, or would relish the chance to sleep in their own bed in their own room.

Host an Interpreter

Each group of children has two interpreters that travel with them that need somewhere to stay while they are here. They travel to the UK with the children, are on the activity program with the children Monday-Friday and are on call throughout the 4 week visit. They all have excellent English language skills and are happy to integrate in to your routines.

Volunteer as a helper

If you are unable to host, then be a helper. There are many roles within the charity that make the whole thing possible from fundraising, to helping on the activity programme, to driving, or supporting through minute taking, chairing meetings, marketing, and liaising with companies for donations.

Sponsor a child

It currently costs around £700 per visit per child. Maybe you could sponsor a child making their visit possible.

Sponsor an activity

The children take part in a program of activities during their stay, you could sponsor one of these activities, or even be able to provide an activity for free.


Help us to organise and run fundraising events, or maybe have one of our charity boxes in your place of work for donations.


All donations no matter how small or big help us to be able to continue the work that we do, and every penny goes to bringing the children in to the UK, putting on activities for them while they are here, and making sure we can send them home with good winter boots and coats.

To make a donation please Contact Us.