Our Mission

To fund and organise yearly visits for Belarusian children still affected by the Chernobyl disaster from disadvantaged social backgrounds to the UK, where they stay with host families for temporary recuperative care. The charity targets particularly needy children from seven to twelve years of age, who are often in need of dental and medical attention, education, and tender loving care. The children, from the badly contaminated areas of Belarus, come for one month every year for five consecutive years, which has been shown to have a significant effect on their overall quality of life, their health and well-being and future opportunities for employment.

Just one month out of contaminated areas can increase life expectancy by up to two years. 

The work of FOCC Black Country has affected many Belarusian children & their families for the good. What is sometimes forgotten is the affect on the Host families & Helpers in the UK. My wife & I have hosted 3 children over a 15 year period & can honestly say it has been very hard work, but extremely rewarding.
— Howard Barber - FOCC Black Country Group Coordinator 2001 - 2016

What We have Achieved so far

  • FOCC Black Country was conceived in October 2001
  • Constitution adopted in February 2002
  • First group of Belarusian children visit FOCC Black Country in June - July 2002
  • Charity Registration May 2003
  • Ongoing affiliation to FOCC UK which operates throughout the UK & Belarus
  • 3 groups of children have been through the 5 year program
  • Marked benefits for Belarusian children & their families
  • 'Feel good' factor for Host families in the UK, knowing they have made a difference for their Belarusian children